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Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Wood Bridges and Decking

Wood bridges and decking represent the core of our product group. We  have available Warren Through Truss bridges, girder bridges trestle  decking and trestle bents for HO and O and On30 scale as standard  product in various lengths. Please read below for comments on S scale  product. Any structure can be made to a custom width/length per your  specification. 

 All bridge designs have been modified to make them a lot more sturdy.  Inserts have been added to the top and bottom chords to give more glue  surface. The dadoes in the bottom chords have been deepened to add more  glue surface. The tie bars have been made smaller (more prototypical)  and therefore more added to increase stability. All product sold is  assembled and finished with a coat of oil. Please remember custom lengths are available for all product. All product shown below is designed for either O scale or HO scale railroading. On30 model railroaders who design in 1:48 scale can also use this product on their layouts.  All bridges and decking are made from a very dense, naturally dark wood  called Wenge.

Some Comments Regarding S and On30 Scale Product


HO scale is 1:87 and O scale 1:48. S scale at 1:64 is in between both which puts the S scale railroader in a unique situation.

For both the HO and O scale categories all wood bridges and decking are purposely made slightly larger than true scale to allow for strength and  stability.

For customers who model in S scale the choice of using either the HO or O scale product is  purely a personal decision. While all O scale product will fit all S scale track with ease it may appear too big for true scale. At the other end of the scale some HO scale product may not be able to accommodate all S scale track. A good example is the HO Trestle deck. While it is wide enough for standard S track without ballast the distance between the Guard Timbers is too narrow to fit track with built-in ballast  A better choice for track with built-in ballast would be the narrower of the two O scale decks offered for sale. 

Both the HO girder and truss bridge will fit both types of track and at 3  inches width are a perfect scale 16 feet but the height of the Truss  bridge is low for true S scale. The scale height is 20 feet while most truss bridges are designed to be between 24 feet and 32 feet. While the height of the O scale Truss bridge is good (~31 feet) the S scale the  width works out to be about 21 feet which is wide. With this in mind  custom designs are available for the S scale modeler. In cases where it is deemed necessary HO scale width can be combined with O scale height  to achieve a more accurate S scale product. Just contact us and we will work with you to design a bridge that suits your personal preference. 

S scale track on HO scale trestle deck

S scale track on HO scale trestle deck

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