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Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Water / Fuel / Sand Towers



Custom Designed Water Towers and Fuel Delivery Towers

Quench Tower

An elevated water tank of this nature is normally placed next to a steel  coke quench tower to douse burning coke with a measured amount of  water. It is usually designed to be 'bolted' to the concrete structure.  This particular tower is designed as a standalone structure so it can be  used in a variety of situations such a quench/fire tower for a grain  silo as pictured above or as a water/liquid reservoir for a factory  building. The footprint for this tower is 4 in x 4 in x 10 ½ in (h). The  standard color is dark gray however other options are light gray, white  and black. See our OnLine Store for more pictures and pricing. 


Water Towers


The normal design incorporates a black tank and a dark gray  superstructure without decals or it can be ordered with one of several  railroad/industrial names. The water tower footprint is approximately 5  inches by 5 inches. It is about 8 inches tall from the base to the  platform. The tank is 4 inches tall with an elliptical top and fat  bottom. Total height is roughly 12 inches. If you desire a different  color tank or superstructure please contact us by phone or email.

The tank, piping and caged ladder network are shipped unattached.


Hemispherical or Cone Top Water Tower

The Hemispherical bottom water tower is a tall imposing structure meant to high-light a steam locomotive yard or even an old city scene. Various tank diameters and heights are available. Total structure height varies between 20 and 24 inches depending on design.


Fuel Delivery Tower


The O Scale general purpose fueling tower would look great as part of  a locomotive service yard storing water or fuel or even in an  industrial yard as a water tower. The tower is approximately 4 inches  wide at the base and 12 inches high. The tank tower comes both  undecorated or decorated with your favorite RR names. Please navigate to  the ON LINE Store (Trackside Structures) for options and prices.

Other color schemes are available - simply contact us with your preference!


Sanding Tower


The design for this sand tower is different from the tall skinny  versions normally sold. This design offers a more substantial solid  looking structure. It was made to fit over track and have the locomotive  pass through it on its way out of the service yard. The tower stands  about 7 ¾ inches high. There is about 6 inches of clearance to the  bottom of the sanding chute. The tower is 3 inches by 4 ¾ inches at the  base.

We can design a double track version. Just contact us  and let us know the necessary width and track center line to center line  you need