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Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Storage Tanks



Industrial and Refinery Storage Tanks

This section showcases various storage tanks for industrial and refinery settings. To see our selection of track-side storage tanks please visit the Tank Stands web page.

4-Unit Tank Storage Facility with Pump House


The catwalks for the Tank Farm have been redesigned. Shown below are  some of the several different custom elevations offered. These tanks can  be used to store either crude oil ready for refining or finished  product at the end of processing.

This tank farm consists of 4  tanks with a diameter of 5 inches and a height of approx. 7 1/2 inches.  There are platforms on top of the tanks with caged ladders for each.  Separate piping connects each tank to the pump house. At the pump house  the input pipes are controlled by separate gate valves. There is a large  output valve on the opposite side of the shed with an unglued elbow  leading the pipe into the ground. This makes it easy to remove the  piping to ground and install custom piping to a different location. The  total footprint of the tank farm including the pump house is about 13 x  18 inches. The tank farm is shipped in separate in pieces - the four  tanks, platforms with caged ladders and the pump house.

If  you are interested in purchasing simply navigate to the OnLine Store -  Trackside Structures - Plastic Structures. Standard color scheme is  white tanks and aluminum platforms, ladders and building. Other color  schemes are available. Custom modifications are also available - just  contact us!


3-Unit Storage Tank Facility


The 3-Unit Storage Tank Facility is a smaller version of the 4-Unit  Tank Storage Facility with Pump House. It consists of 2 tanks with a  diameter of 4 inches and a height of 7 1/2 inches and one narrower tank  with a diameter of 2 inches and a height of 9 inches. There are 2  platforms connected by a stairway. Access to the first is by a caged  ladder. Separate piping connects all tanks to a single output. The total  footprint of the tank farm including the pump house is approximately 13  x 11 inches. Another version is available with 2 tanks 4 inch and 1  tank with 3 inch diameters. Customized versions with platforms are also  available - contact us for a design and quote.

Standard color  scheme is white tanks and aluminum platforms, ladders and building.  Other color schemes are available. Custom modifications are also  available - just contact us! e.


Floating Top Storage Tank

 A new addition to Model Structures Oil Refinery series this tank  measures six inches in diameter and 6 inches in height. These tanks can  be used to store crude or finished product. Each tank has a wrap around  style stairway from the ground to a platform on top of the tank. The  structure comes standard with a manway plus inlet and outlet nozzles.  Decals are also available at added cost. Usual practice is not to have  railing on the wind girder since it is not meant to be walked on.  However railing will be supplied if desired. 


Twin Vertical Storage Tanks

 These tanks can be used in the refinery as storage for fuel/oil or an  additive for mixing. They can also be used in an oil/ethanol refinery  site as slurry or distillation tanks. The footprint has been updated  to approximately 6 x 2 inches including the piping. The tanks are now 2  inch diameter and stand about 9 inches tall and use a wider diameter  pipe. A pump assembly can also be added.


High Pressure Spherical Tanks

Additional Information

 There is a new design for the Spherical Storage Tanks. The walkway has  been extended to cross over both tanks. The bottom platform has  been raised and extended to go from the front to the back of the tanks  and a new loading platform with pumps have been added. A wind girder has  been added to the tanks. The tanks can still be purchased as one tank,  both tanks and both tanks with the loading platform. These tanks are  primarily used to house petroleum / chemical products stored under  pressure such as Benzene, Ammonia, Liquid Propane, Liquid Oxygen or  Nitrogen. Shown above is the O Scale double tank option. A single tank  option is also available. Each O Scale tank measures 5 inches in  diameter. The overall footprint for the double tank version is 19 inches  wide x 9 inches deep (including stairs) with a 7 inch height. The  single unit tank structure is about 10 inches wide. The tanks are  available in different colors. Standard color for the tank complex is  light gray with dark gray stairways. Other color options are dark gray,  white or black with appropriate color stairways. 


3-Unit Tank Farm with Platform

Additional Information

 The latest addition to Model Structures for Model Railroads Oil Refinery  Series is a large complex that incorporates three large 3-inch diameter  tanks six inches long on a superstructure with lower and upper  decking. Each tank has inlet and outlet piping each of which goes to  ground. Pipe routing can be modified to suit customer preferences. On  top of each tank there are individual man-ways and relief valves.  Overall footprint is approximately 15 inches by 17 inches. As with our  product Lamp posts using 12-volt bulbs and decals can be added for  additional cost. Included are two fuel transfer pipe stands that swivel  and rotate 360 degrees. If one of our Fuel Loading Platforms is added  then pipe routing can be modified to connect the Tank farm to the  Platform. 


Take a look at our Fuel Transfer Depots

The Fuel Transfer Depots are the perfect compliment to the Storage Tanks