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Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

O Scale Gallery 1

When you have installed a Model Structures product on your layout please email us pictures along with a small caption. We would love to include your stuff in our gallery! 

Edward Ayick - HO Scale

This is my Uncle Eddie who passed away a while back. Uncle Eddie built numerous HO scale layouts starting in the 1950's when it was pretty much machine your own parts. Some photos of his locomotives and his last layout.


Layout - Richard Ridolfi

New photos from R. Ridolfi layout showing various Model Structures designs.


Layout - R. Penne Casanova

Photos from R. Penne Casanova layout. Check out the scenic detail in the background.


Layout - P. Frostead

Below are pictures of various Model  structures wood bridges and plastic trackside structures from P.  Frostead layout. You will agree this is one phenomenal layout!


Layout - Dave Condon

Photos from D. Condon layout (one of my first customers!) and a beautiful Northern Pacific layout


 A little off the beaten path - these are big trucks a customer buys then refurbishes. He strips them down to individual components; chops the trailers to a smaller size; strips the chrome paint off the wheels,  mirrors, filters and exhaust stack then spray paints or air brushes each individual part and puts it all back together, then weathers the under carriage and wood decking. 

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