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Besides Model Structure's custom built product I also offer kit building services. I have experience building kits from a wide range of  manufacturers for a local train shop. Some of my work is shown below.

Just let me know what kit you are interested in. The basic fee for procuring the kit and assembling it is:
Fully assemble and paint - 2.5X retail price of kit (includes mortar)
Fully assemble, paint and lighting - 2.5X + $20
Fully assemble, paint, lighting, and weathering - 2.5X  + $37
The  base price includes complete assembly on a painted hardboard base,  mortar and kit supplied decals. Custom decals and signs are $15 extra. Shipping the finished product to your location will be extra (the  actual shipping fee is charged - unused fees are always refunded).

Extra details can also be added. Contact us for a specific quote. Shipping the finished product to your location will be extra (the actual  shipping fee is charged - unused fees are always refunded).

I have some older and newer Korber kits in stock ready to build.

If you already own the kit simply ship it to me and I will assemble for you. Simply contact us for a quote at

Please beware that in some cases plastic and especially ceramic walls may crack during glue up or be received out of the box cracked or broken (especially ceramic). Every effort will be made to repair such that the crack seam is barely visible on the outside of the wall.

Please note that every effort is made to pack structures to avoid shipping damage. However some parts of a structure are fragile or may have a small glue surface so may break off at the glue joint during shipping.  With such pieces the easy fix is to use super glue gel to repair. Please use the gel version only, as the liquid version tends to run and will peel paint. Roof details such as smoke stacks, AC units, water tanks, etc will be shipped separately to avoid damage.


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