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Rural to Large Terminal Elevators



Model Structures for Model Railroads is pleased to offer custom  designed Grain Silos to suit the customer needs for their O  Scale railroad layout. The Grain Silo design comes in three basic sizes -  6, 8, and 12 unit. The main building and loading dock for the 6-unit  design is located on the end of the silos. The 8 and 12-unit designs  have the main building and dock located in between the silos. The 6-Unit  Grain silo has a overall footprint of 12 1/8 (L) inches by 12 inches  (includes the loading shed which sits over track) with each silo approx.  2 3/8 inch diameter. The main building is 5 (L) inches by 6 inches and  14 1/2 inches tall. The roof buildings add another 2 inches / 3 inches  in height. The loading/unloading shed is about 5(L) x 5 1/2 inches is  wide enough to accommodate track and cars.

We also offer  custom designs and have built up to a 16-unit silo complex. We now also  offer the choice of three different elevations. Once an order is placed  we will contact you and let you decide which elevation you prefer. We  also offer more paint options now. The silos can be painted to look like  poured concrete. "Metal" siding can be added to the conveyor houses and  both the houses and loading shed can be painted to look like dirty  steel. Also offered are add details such as dust bins, vents, duct  collectors, railings and ladders. Just ask!

Rural Grain Elevator

 New custom design - A Rural Grain elevator. The main building is about 6  x6 inches. There are six silos each being 2 inch in diameter. The  elevator comes with interior and exterior lights. If you like this  design or want to customize it please contact us for a quote  


6-Unit Grain Elevator

The 6-Unit Grain silo has a overall footprint of 12 inches by 6 1/2 inches. The loading shed adds another 5 1/2 inches to the width. The silos are 2 3/8 inch diameter. The main building is 6 inches by 4 inches and 14 1/2 inches tall. The roof buildings add another 2 inches / 3 inches in height. 


8-Unit Grain Elevator

The 8-Unit Grain silo has a overall footprint of approximately 15 inches  by 12 inches. If desired the silos can be painted to look like poured  concrete, 'metal' siding can be added to the conveyor houses and along  with the shed painted a dirty steel color. 


12-Unit Grain Elevator

The 12-Unit Grain silo has a overall footprint of approximately 20 inches by 12 inches. 


Custom Grain Elevator Designs

The 16-Unit Grain Silo shown below was designed for a customer who  wanted all silos on one side of the main building plus added doors and  windows. The main building was also enlarged to make it fit with the  design. Another customer opted for 8 silos on each side of the man  building.
The biggest Grain Elevator I have built to date. There are a total of 44 silos. There is a double loading shed for hopper cars on one  side and a new 'wagon' type loader design on the other side for tractor trailer rigs.
Also shown is a custom 32-unit grain elevator with a standard loading shed on  one side and an old style wagon loader shed on the other side.
A customer wanted a loading shed for tractor trailers and a maintenance garage added to a 16 unit grain elevator to mimic a complex in his city.


Custom Grain Elevator Sheds and Extensions

The shed extension is designed to be used either in place of the existing shed for our grain silo designs or in the back as a  loading/unloading facility for tractor trailer trucks. The shed can also be used as a stand-alone structure for both railroad cars or tractor  trailer trucks.

Also offered are closed shed designs (single or double bay) plus a new Wagon Loader shed


S Scale Grain Elevator

This S-scale grain elevator was built for a customer. Other than doors and windows dimensions are pretty much the same as O scale since O scale tends to be compressed to fit layouts.