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200 Ton Concrete Coal Tower

This design is based on the Suncoast Models Coal Tower kit but with various improvements.



This design is based on the Suncoast Models Coal tower kit but with significant improvements in design.
1 . The design is all plastic

2. The coal bin walls are either 60 or 80 mils thick

3. The coal chutes have been redesigned to look more realistic

4. Plastruct product is used for railing and stairways

5. The elevator platforms have been redesigned

6. The top of the elevator is removable to allow access to a light that is installed.

The  coal bin measures ~ 9 inches x 6 inches and ~ 15 inches tall. The  inside can sit over track and has a 6 inch clearance. The tower measures  ~ 3 inches x 1 1/2 inches and ~ 17 1/2 inches tall. The platforms add  another 2 inches to the width.

To  have the coal bin sit over one track and dump coal into a tender on a  parallel track approximately 6 1/2 inches center to center is needed.