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Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

Welcome to Model Structures for Model RailroadsWelcome to Model Structures for Model Railroads

My apologies - I will be moving during the summer so will not be accepting new bookings for custom built product until Jan 2020. Note this does not include retail purchases which are in stock and ready to sell. 

With  the exception of details, figures and 'ready to assemble' kits such as Ameritowne, DPM, Woodland Scenics etc. which are shipped within 2-3 days from receipt of order there is no stock on custom built structures. Each is built according to customer's specifications.

If you are having issues with the web site especially issues when trying to order product please email me at

Our web site has changed - hopefully easier to use. Where we used to have separate web site and shopping cart both have been combined into one site where you can browse and shop. There are various ways you can browse our products. If you want to see all product on one page and browse by category click the button below or the SHOP button at the top of this page. If you would like to browse various product lines simply choose from the drop down menus at the top of the page.  This will send you to the particular web page for that product. Shop buttons on those pages will take you to the products we have for sale.
If you would like to simply look through our photo galleries please use the drop down menu 'MORE" above.
We now have the option to order using a credit card directly or using it through PayPal!

About Us

We  specialize in custom designed plastic and wood O Scale track side structures plus wood bridges and decking for HO/On30/S/O scale and custom. All products are fully assembled for all your railroad needs. model structure

All our O-scale track side structures are custom designed. These  structures are made from heavy duty ABS and styrene plastics or the same wood we use for our bridges and decking. We offer locomotive  sheds, grain silos, hopper car loaders, water towers, tank depots, tank  farms, tank stands, industrial tanks, service platforms  and RR/industrial/city street signs and a fully equipped oil refinery. All wood based designs have been collected into a category called "Steam Era Classics". Almost all track side structures can be  modified to you specific needs. 
If you don't see the structure you want please contact me. I will work with you to design the product you want.
The customer may choose decals from a selection of railroad/industrial names or ask for custom designs. 


We build model railroad truss, girder, deck bridges, and  trestle decking for HO, On30, S and O scale model railroads with a very  dense naturally black wood. The type of wood used produces an extremely sturdy structure giving a much closer look to a real railroad bridge than other lighter colored woods. All structures will fit the appropriate HO/On30/S/O scale setup including track with built-in ballast. Please browse through our products and remember custom lengths are available!

Please visit the Photo Gallery to see ideas about mixing and matching various structures plus customer application photos.

For War Gamers both the AmeriTowne building kits plus the Woodland Scenics DPM kits are the perfect size for 28 mm figures!

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